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Winter is definitely a quieter time in the woods, but if you’re lucky you may see badgers or squirrels pop out to look for sustenance on milder days.

Foxes and deer stay active throughout winter and fungi, such as wood blewit, continue to appear and thrive.

​With fewer leaves on the trees, birds are much easier to spot. There are plenty to see at this time of year, such as tits, finches and winter thrushes.

Should you accidentally disturb a hibernating or sleepy creature, please don’t move it. If you uncovered it, cover it back over and leave it alone to go back to sleep.
<![CDATA[Suffolk Food Hall - much more than a farm shop!]]>Thu, 23 Nov 2017 12:03:51 GMThttp://henryandfriends.co/blog/suffolk-food-hall-much-more-than-a-farm-shop
Suffolk Food Hall is a farm shop, restaurant, garden centre and much more providing enjoyment for all, just south of Ipswich.
There is all that you would expect from an internationally-recognised farm shop, and more... traditional carcass to customer butchery, scratch bakery operating seven days a week, stunning fishmonger's counter, delightful delicatessen with lots of products made in the Cookhouse commercial kitchens, wine & beer merchant, greengrocer, grocery, chocolatier...
Your enjoyment is extended with the Home & Garden department, lovely walks along the river in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a coffee in the Café... The Cookhouse houses a unique on-farm Restaurant, the Cookery School with a multitude of Events, function and private dining rooms, as well as a series of other businesses... and don't forget the Pilates Studio...


<![CDATA[Snape Maltings - Independent Retailer of the Year]]>Mon, 06 Nov 2017 10:54:07 GMThttp://henryandfriends.co/blog/snape-maltings-independent-retailer-of-the-year
Snape Maltings is located in the village of Snape, Suffolk, five miles from Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast and just two hours by train from London. It is popular with dog walkers, who are welcome to walk around the site and beyond. Shopping at Snape Maltings is a rare and rewarding treat. The collection of award-winning independent shops is dedicated to providing a thoroughly different experience to shopping on the high street.
Shops open Monday–Saturday 10am–5.30pm • Sunday 10.30am–4.30pm
From the eclectic interiors of House & Garden to the old-world toys of Little Rascals and Samphire’s wide range of boutique clothing, you’ll find carefully curated offers at every turn.
<![CDATA[Autumn/Winter Collection 2017]]>Wed, 27 Sep 2017 10:21:42 GMThttp://henryandfriends.co/blog/autumnwinter-collection-20177241401
Our Autumn/ Winter collection is just about to hit the shops! This season is all about the vibrant colours and the detailed embroidery. We have also got some of Henry's friends running, trotting, dashing off to their respected dens. 

For this collection, we have a variety of materials for the reverse side. Herringbone Tweed, Dog Tooth Tweed, Check, Velvet and of course, our Recycled Wool. 
So cozy and luxurious! 
<![CDATA[Recycled wool]]>Thu, 14 Sep 2017 09:56:09 GMThttp://henryandfriends.co/blog/recycled-wool
Our cushions are not only beautifully made and designed. We use recycled wool for this reason.

​Recycled Wool

The production of wool requires vast amounts of land for grazing the sheep. In addition, wool production demands energy, water and chemicals to convert the wool from fleece shorn off the sheep into clean fiber of consistent quality, and then into beautifully dyed wool products.
One way to lessen the impact of wool production is to recycle used wool. The practice of recycling wool dates back hundreds of years. After wool sweaters had been worn threadbare, they were collected and shredded into individual fibers and then converted into blankets. Aided by modern-day quality controls, the wool goes through a meticulous sorting of materials into color categories prior to shredding.
Using recycled wool reduces the land use requirements for sheep grazing. It also reduces waste, thereby prolonging landfill life and in the process, reducing toxic emissions from incinerators. It encourages new recycling opportunities for wool products that are no longer usable and compared with using non-recycled wool, recycled wool contributes less air, water, and soil pollution.
<![CDATA[Scotsdales Nursery and Garden Centre]]>Mon, 24 Jul 2017 13:51:22 GMThttp://henryandfriends.co/blog/scotsdales-nursery-and-garden-centre
Scotsdales Nursery and Garden Centre Ltd have 3 sites across Cambridgeshire. Fordham, Shelford and Horningsea. Henry can't decide which one is his favourite but he is certainly very popular in all 3 sites! With products for both home and garden, it is a destination not to miss. You will find everything you need for your garden under one roof from plants and shrubs to pots and containers, gifts, books, clothing, landscaping materials and pets. It is a great way to spend the day with so much to see and do. There is also the Sunflower Cafe where you can recharge your batteries with a piece of cake, cup of tea or hot lunch.

<![CDATA[BROADWAY TOWER - Cotswolds Highest Castle]]>Thu, 20 Jul 2017 13:24:46 GMThttp://henryandfriends.co/blog/broadway-tower-cotswolds-highest-castle
Henry & Friends have ventured out to Broadway Tower, Cotswolds highest tower, Royal Observer Post and Nuclear Bunker, country park and the wonderful Morris and Brown cafe and shop. Standing in its dramatic location at 65 feet high Broadway Tower has some of the best views in England. Apparently, you can see up to 16 counties from the top of the Tower!
Broadway Tower is full of history and houses exhibitions on three floors about its occupants and colourful past. There are examples of the work of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement as well as an exhibition of the Royal Observer Corps who used the post just 70 yards from the Tower in WW2 and the Cold War.
AND there are special opportunties where you can meet the herd of Red Deer!! So much to explore!
<![CDATA[A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF AN URBAN FOX]]>Thu, 13 Jul 2017 10:53:46 GMThttp://henryandfriends.co/blog/a-year-in-the-life-of-an-urban-fox
This is the main mating period, when foxes are very vocal and most likely to wake you with screams and barks.

By now most females are pregnant. The vixens become increasingly secretive as their due date approaches.

The peak birth period is mid-March. Cubs are born deaf, blind and unable to thermoregulate for the first two weeks, so their mother rarely leaves them.

Cubs first emerge above ground in late April, when they start eating solid food. Scraps and play items accumulate around the den.

There is now lots of activity near the den, and cubs noisily running around playing, especially at dawn and dusk. The adults make frequent visits throughout the night to bring food.

The breeding den may be abandoned if it gets too hot. Cubs lie up during the day in dense vegetation or rubbish piles, and the litter may be split between sites. Adults still feed them, and are often seen collecting several food items in their mouths before taking them to the young.

Adults are by now very thin after provisioning for three months; they also look very tatty because they are moulting. So they stop feeding the cubs and start competing with them for food, often driving them off and forcing them to explore.

This is generally a quiet month. Adults are recovering their body condition, while cubs may struggle to find food, especially in hot, dry summers.

Both adults and cubs have nearly finished growing new winter coats, while the young are reaching adult size. Competition between cubs, and cubs and adults, intensifies.

Now is the onset of the dispersal period, with male cubs leaving first. Territorial defence increases – adults actively patrol, and can be very vocal.

The males’ peak dispersal period is November–December; some female cubs also start to leave.

The dominant male and female are seen together more frequently, and often share their food. The pair drives other members of the social group away from the best food sources, and actively defends the territory against strangers.
<![CDATA[The Rusty Fox of Malton]]>Mon, 03 Jul 2017 10:25:42 GMThttp://henryandfriends.co/blog/the-rusty-fox-of-malton

The Rusty Fox of Malton is a lovely gift, interiors and clothes shop in the country market town of Malton, North Yorkshire. It is a little shop with a beautiful range of gifts and homeware that capture the beauty of Ryedale and North Yorkshire's relaxed country living. Our Mr. Fox certainly made a few friends there!


<![CDATA[The House of Bruar]]>Wed, 28 Jun 2017 12:26:31 GMThttp://henryandfriends.co/blog/the-house-of-bruar
The House of Bruar is widely acknowledged as Scotland's most prestigious independent store. Situated on the A9, just north of Pitlochry, no trip to Scotland is complete without a visit!
All products are chosen with great care, the Ladies and Men’s departments boast a huge variety of high quality clothing and accessories. Henry especially likes the Knitwear Hall which is home to the largest collection of cashmere in the UK – many produced in Scotland. The Country Living Hall and Present Shop are packed full of beautiful items, perfect to brightening up your home. There is also the Gallery, light and airy, it showcases the very best in Scottish rural art.
Last but certainly not least, The House of Bruar has an extensive Food Hall, a destination hotspot for food lovers everywhere, with a strong focus on the best in British and Scottish produce. Within this, the in store butchery can provide you the perfect cut for your meal as well as delicious fresh steak pies, roast beef, and cooked hams.
AND we hear that there is a brand new Fresh Lobster, Fish and Chip Shop opening very soon!
There’s something for everyone at http://www.houseofbruar.com/